The Goonies house laser cut on wood. This will be the keychain for the Goonies pin. It’s all in the details ;)

The Goonies house laser cut on wood.  This will be the keychain for the Goonies pin.  It’s all in the details 😉

Actual game play video!  Forgive some of things that are still unfinished.  Lighting, callouts/sound fx, etc.  Best to watch at full screen. Thanks!

Photo update with a full gameplay video coming in just a bit.  This gallery shows some details of the playfield that I haven’t shown yet.  

Almost done!  Just a couple days left until the Free Play Florida show.  So much to get done this week.  Fortunately I have been getting help from so many people.  They have really come through.  Here’s a quick list of those that helped me dial in the Goonies pin just this week.

– Rich from and This Old Game.  He finished printing the playfield plastics, the apron, and the revised backglass.  It will all arrive just in time.  He also surprised me with some Goonies Pinball t-shirts to give to people that helped out with the project.  So rad!

– Joe from Little Shop of Games.  He spent a few hours over here the other night to help me figure out some tech issues that I was having.

– Brian Jones from  Brian cut all of the plastic for the pin and finished up some final pieces just yesterday.

– Doug at FACTUR also lent a hand with allowing Brian to use one of their bigger laser machines to cut the final plastic piece.  Thanks Doug! 

Video Blog #4.  Donor machine is in the house!  Time to start tearing this thing apart!

Video blog #3 is a quick intro to the graphics that I’ve started.  This just shows some mock ups that I’ve done in Pixelmator (Photoshop clone).  Let me know what you think so far in the comments on Youtube or on the site.  Do you like the big logo or would you prefer a full graphic wrap?  Let me know.  Thanks!

Random Goonies Memorabilia

Through my Ebay searching for Goonies stuff for this pinball project,  I came across these gems.  They still have the stickers on them from Godfather’s Pizza.  They were offering a free pitcher of Coke with a medium or large pizza purchase.  Offer expires 9/30/1985.  So rad!

A Goonies Virtual Pin?

I had no idea this existed but I’m super excited to find out it does.  Someone made a Goonies virtual pinball machine.  It appears to be based off of a Williams Indiana Jones pin.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

Here’s a link to the info.  image